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Creating Partnerships in Community Fundraising! ............. Our Legacy Card programs can produce thousands of dollars annually for your organization! ............. Make the turn to Fundraisng Y2K!............... Start raising money for your Organization today!.............

Fund Raising, Donations, Community involvement, Raising Money. These are all words that are on every Organizations mind, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Why not get the most out of your hard work and efforts!

It's time to take your fundraising efforts into the next Millennium. The Academic Fundraising Group evolved as a way to help Organizations throughout the country raise money! We make Fundraising Fun!

Our "DISCOUNT" Legacy Card program can produce amazing fundraising results quickly and effectively!

Having extra money allows your Organization to help fund projects or buy additional equipment for athletics, arts and drama, band or other educational or sports related venues.

Unlike most private companies, our efforts revert the majority of the profits back to the Organizations! Our background and foundation is built on involvement from the local community. From local businesses as well as the residential population.

Please take a moment to browse additional pages on our web site. If you would like to either purchase a Legacy card in your local area or would like to get your Organization involved in our Legacy Card Fundraising program, please go to the appropriate web page above.

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